B & B Ranch is famous across Central New York for healthy Piedmontese Beef.

We sell directly to MEMBERS ONLY through generous Butcher Boxes which are shipped monthly to Members who choose to subscribe.

Butcher Boxes can be combined with ample portions of Berkshire Pork or Whole Roaster Chickens (Free Range) or in a combination of all three. 

Members who plan to visit the Ranch are welcome to enjoy all the benefits on the Ranch, including the swimming pool, horseback riding trails and more.

Members a little more distant may purchase into the Buyers Club only. This allows them to sign up for the subscription level and box they'd prefer, but without receiving the benefits of visiting the Ranch in person.


Information on Butcher Box subscriptions and all of the options - including for Box Weights, Contents and for Pasta and Sauce will be emailed upon receipt of your order for either Membership level.