There's simply nothing more satisfying in the post this month!

B & B Ranch is synonymous with hearty, homemade pasta. It's fast frozen and shipped just to members often in combination with a top secret sauce that hearkens to generations of Italian Grandmothers.

Like the Butcher Boxes, the B & B Ranch Pasta box is shipped in either seven or 14 lb weights for the length of time you choose to receive it.

Boxes include our regionally acclaimed Cappelletti, (pictured above). These are plump, bite-sized and folded pastas that resemble little hats. They're stuffed with chicken & Piedmontese beef, with a bit of lemon, parmesan & parsley.

You'll also receive generous monthly allotments of Piedmontese Beef Raviolis and Mushroom Ravioli that just may have you telephoning the family.