Below are some of the questions we receive most often. If you don't find the information, don't hesitate to ask. We're always happy to speak with fellow horse enthusiasts.

Can I schedule a horseback riding lesson without becoming a member?


All guests at the Inn are encouraged to take full advantage of all that the horse barn offers including riding instruction and trail rides. However, only guests booking at least four nights can request a free instructive lesson. At our trainer's discretion, guests may then be approved for trail riding.

Students from throughout the Cooperstown and Otsego County communities are encouraged to schedule an introductory riding lesson. If student riders would like to continue participating in the riding program, they are required to join as members.

All of the additional benefits of the B & B Ranch facilities are then also available. These include use of the tack rooms and changing rooms, the tennis court, indoor swimming pool, hot tub and sauna. It's really not a bad deal!

Can I schedule a trail ride as a non-member?

Unfortunately, no.

Trail Riding is an important part of any stay at B & B Ranch.

All guests at the B & B Ranch Guest House may be accompanied on the trail after the riding instructor has determined that they possess sufficient and fundamental riding skills.

Free lessons are part of any stay of four nights or more and lessons are conducted either in the indoor riding arena or outdoors in one of the paddocks.

Riders from the community already active in the riding program are encouraged to include time outside the riding ring hacking out through the 350 acres of meadows and woods to enhance their riding experience.

What riding disciplines are offered at B & B Ranch?

B & B Ranch caters to a range of riding disciplines including:

  • Hunt Seat
  • Dressage
  • Eventing
  • Western Horsemanship & Reining
  • and Pleasure Riding. 

Resident instructor, Ray Whelihan, maintains an emphasis on Hunter Seat Equitation, with some instruction in Western Horsemanship.

Guest instructors are routinely invited to the ranch to enhance our clients' development in dressage and reining. 

We support a casual barn environment held to a high standard. Our clients are equally comfortable simply enjoying their horses for pleasure or seeking to be competitive at a significant level.

B & B Ranch provides professional care with the support of talented veterinarians and farriers, enabling both the casual and the serious enthusiast to gain a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment in a collaborative and supportive environment. .


What are the equine health requirements if I would like to bring my horse to the ranch for a lesson, for a weekend, or a longer duration?

The B & B Ranch stables strive to maintain the healthiest and best kept horses in Central New York. To that end,

Required within 60 days:

  • Vaccination for Rhinopneumonitis and Influenza.
  • Required within 12 months:
  • Coggins test, vaccination for Rabies, Encephalitis, Tetanus, and Strangles, (nasal, is recommended only under certain circumstances).

The ranch will provide full care for your horse including feeding, stall cleaning, and turn-out.

We provide high quality grass hay, however, please bring your own grain with you. The day rate at the ranch for short term equine boarding is $20.00 per day plus tax.

How many horeback riding lessons does a typical rider require to achieve a basic level?

I have only ridden a few times, some time ago. What should I know before I get going again and how many lessons does a typical rider require to achieve a basic level?

If you have only ridden a few times, or not at all, we will start you out riding western rather than English. Western saddles provide more security than English saddles and enable a rider to become comfortable and confident more quickly.

Riding attire would include long slacks or jeans, hard soled shoes with a defined (not gradual) heel, and a correctly fitted, SEI/ASTM approved riding helmet. The ranch has a good supply of helmets on hand.

Your first riding experience with us will consist of a half hour lesson in the indoor arena. Half an hour is plenty for a new rider to adjust to physically. Your second lesson may possibly be conducted in the outdoor arena. When you have established a reasonable position, security, and control at walk and trot, we can venture out on the trail.

One hour’s worth of riding is enjoyable for most riders in their first dozen riding adventures. Typically riders are capable of riding on a guided trail ride on a well-selected and schooled western horse in approximately six lessons.

Our goal is to encourage your interest in riding as a life-long sport and we make every effort to provide a setting that is enjoyable and enables you to ride in a safe, secure, relaxed and effective manner.

What monthly expenses should I plan on for boarding my horse at B & B Ranch?


The B & B Ranch boarding stables are among the very best in Central New York.

The monthly board cost is $450 plus tax, and provides:

  • Professional management
  • Clean well ventilated stabling
  • Grain, hay and bedding
  • And daily turn-out.

We take care of your horse like one of our own and there are no extra fees for treatments, turn out, changing blankets, etc. All veterinary and farrier work is scheduled through the manager who is always in close communication with the owner.

Horses are kept on a stable vaccination and de-worming schedule. Horse owners are responsible for their veterinary, farrier, and other health care costs, should those costs come up.

The Ranch feeds a high quality ration of soft, green, sweet smelling early maturity grass hay with a grain mix consisting of clean heavy oats, roasted soybeans, and a mineral mix. The diet is complete and high in fat, therefore the only feed supplement an owner may choose to purchase is a joint supplement if they so desire.

What other benefits are there to Ranch Membership?

All boarders need to purchase a Ranch Membership in order to take advantage of lessons and trail riding.

In addition, the membership includes access to:

  • The indoor heated swimming pool, for year-round use.
  • Whirlpool
  • Sauna and extra spa services

While members must purchase additional meals to complete the terms of the membership, the package is an exceptionally good value and we're confident the meals you enjoy at B & B Ranch will be among the most fulfilling you'll enjoy throughout the coming year.

What is the best way to relieve the pain of saddle sores?

B & B Ranch riders often come back a little happier, a little tired out and sometimes worse for the wear. But then, there's a lot to come back to.

Relief from saddle sores is a three step process.

  1. The first step is a long session soaking in the hot tub at the Ranch.
  2. Secondly an application of moleskin to any tender areas (it's available for purchase at most drug stores).
  3. Finally, on any given evening at the Ranch, your host Barb Giombetti will be serving a fantastic appletini, though it is widely believed that the second appletini will work even better than the first.