Meals to write home about... 

Like life on the farm, menus will vary by season.

Chef Mark centers meals around the farm's signature healthy Piedmontese beef.

But guests are frequently treated to Northern Italian Fare that's both inspired and inspiring.


Guest House Breakfasts are served in three outstanding courses.

Dinners served in five courses, trattoria-style, have inspired return visits, praise and even tears.


B & B Ranch staff will telephone to confirm reservations and to consult on that evening's menu.

  • Meals that aren't included in Room Rates are a daily Prix Fixe  - five courses - for $39.95.
  • Piedmontese Beef dishes go for $44.95.
  • Premium Steaks go for a cool $49.95. 

Brunches and event menus are announced ahead of time and focus on Northern Italian Cuisine and rely on ingredients raised on the Ranch and from other producers in the Central New York Region.