Like life on the farm, menus will vary by season.

Chef Mark centers meals around the farm's signature healthy Piedmontese beef. But guests are frequently treated to Northern Italian Fare that's both inspired and inspiring. Guest House Breakfasts are served in three outstanding courses. Dinners served in five courses, trattoria-style, have inspired return visits, praise and even tears.


Pure Piedmontese Beef
B & B Ranch's pasture-raised, grass-fed beef cattle come from the Alps region of Northwest Italy, also known as the Piedmont region or province. Prized by celebrity chefs and industry experts for their exceptional qualities, nutritional attributes and the rich milk they produce, Piedmontese Beef cattle are famous world wide.

Health Benefits
You'll be surprised to know that according to the USDA at the MARC Center, Piedmontese Beef has less calories, fat, and cholesterol than roasted chicken. In addition, Research conducted by the USDA at the MARC Center compared eleven breeds of cattle.

The results of these studies confirm that not only is Piedmontese beef genetically lower in fat than other breeds, it also has the lowest fat thickness, and the greatest tenderness of all the breeds in the study.

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