Our free-range heritage turkeys are bred naturally and raised on the pasture where they are free to run and even to fly! The result is larger birds with more thigh meat than a typical turkey and a superior taste that takes less time to cook than regular commercial turkeys.

American Heritage Turkeys had almost disappeared in this country due to the commercial popularity of the industrial-raised, broad breasted white turkeys. Today, the heritage birds are experiencing something of a revival, as food lovers have re-discovered the better texture and flavor. We support that revival whole-heartedly.

While broad breasted White Turkeys are produced for their large, white breasts, in fact the breasts of these turkeys are so large that they are actually unable to reproduce naturally and they are prone to leg problems.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations,without artificial insemination performed by humans, the birds would become extinct in just one generation. Often injected with a saline solution and vegetable oils, along with hormones, the birds tend to be dry and tasteless.

The Black Spanish Turkey, on the other hand, is a very old variety. Possibly the first variety bred in Europe after importation from North and Central America, it quickly grew in popularity all across Europe. They were especially prized in Spain and Norfolk County, England. European growers heavily selected the birds for their black color until it became dominant, although it wasn't ever dominant on this side of the Atlantic. Later raised by early colonists, it is ironic that the turkey consumed at the first Thanksgiving meal was likely a bird descended from those already being raised in Europe rather than one of the wild turkeys native to the Americas.

The free-range heritage turkeys at B & B Ranch are bred naturally and produce a meat of more flavorful and useful variety than anything available in a supermarket or similar commercial setting.