What is Agritourism?

Since it’s beginnings in Europe, the Agritourism movement has allowed smaller farms to survive and prosper simply by inviting more people to get involved. With varying models, at its base, an agritourist site usually involves a bed and breakfast and restaurant as part of a farming operation, often with guests invited to sample or purchase some of the produce from the farm.

Having seen tremendous growth over the past few decades, agritourist farms now stand out in places as far away as Japan, Norway and Argentina.

Agritourism in New York has continued to expand along with eco-tourism, culinary tourism and a wealth of ways to travel and vacation with more awareness for your environment, your psyche and your palette.

B & B Ranch is pleased to carry that tradition forward in a natural setting that invites the young and the young at heart to get involved with food, where it's coming from, and of course, to enjoy all that the farm and the country have to offer with family, friends and loved ones.

Central New York Agritrourism

B & B Ranch offers a truly unique, luxury experience, exceptional value and relaxed comfort along with genuine hospitality of a working farm location. We can’t promise a rumbling tractor won’t wake you up in the morning, but we’ll promise you’ll wake up more refreshed than ever before.

Our peaceful atmosphere is the perfect place to try some of the carefully selected products on our table, and if you like, we’ll even ship them back to your home.

Our mission is to pursue a way of living and eating that has a positive impact on the environment and on the customers we serve. We’ve set a standard of excellence through a commitment to sustainability, enhanced health, incredible food, outstanding wines, social and business interaction, proper fitness, and humanitarian endeavors.
Through all of these efforts, we hope to raise awareness, improve access, and encourage the enjoyment of better foods that are local, seasonal and sustainably grown. Caring for the land and protecting biodiversity for future generations is done by identifying, promoting and protecting fruits, vegetables, grains, heritage animal breeds, and wild foods.

The promotion and the celebration of food as a cornerstone of pleasure, culture and community gives purpose to all of the daily activities at B & B Ranch. To this end, we support the many family farmers in our area and we help to protect a way of life and a healthy lifestyle that is in danger of disappearing.

Through our efforts on the ranch, and here on the internet, we hope to inform our customers about issues like genetically modified food, growth hormones, and commercial agriculture while strengthening the voices of family farmers, increasing public choice in our food supply, and living self-sufficient lives surrounded by friends and family.