Beef and Pasta and Lots of It!

It's just part of Belonging.

B & B Ranch believes in food. In sharing it, enjoying it, and using it as the number one excuse for getting together. A spilled glass of wine is just one more part of a raucous, lively and fulfilling dinner shared by family and friends and neighbors. 

B & B Ranch's Butcher Box plan is designed so that you always have something fantastic to eat in the Fridge. And lots of of it. You even have a reason to invite the in-laws, the uncles and aunts, the cousins - and the kids back for the weekend!

From choice cuts of premium Central New York Piedmontese beef, to the Sauce Box that keeps on giving. There's even a Pasta Box that will keep your family stuffed - with up to 14 pounds of fresh homemade pasta arriving every month. All you have to do is boil some up and invite the neighbors. Invite your parents. Or serve some every night for the entire month.

But this eating plan is limited 'cause there's just not that much food to go around.  Current Members are all entitled to a Password into the store. If you're one of them, you need only ask.

If you're not a current member, then you can either join the Ranch, for continual year-round food, plus the swimming pool, horseback riding and 20% discounts on off-season stays - or join the Buyers Club - for access just to the online store.